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Montague Parr have looked after our very difficult site via mobile patrols, we could not be more pleased with the service we received from them. They were not only proactive in eliminating trespass on the site, selecting random visits to ensure they did not make it easy for any chance to break in.
They also gave great feedback to us with reports and constructive comments of how we could together make the site more secure. We would have no hesitation in recommending Montague Parr limited based on our experience of working together. A refreshingly good working relationship.
About Us

The company provides a high visibility security service backed by the latest technology with pro-active supervision and management to provide a level of service our customers would expect. All recorded aspects of the service are independently chronicled, and patrol visit records are sent to customers monthly on the first working day after the end each calendar month on a PDF. In other words all aspects of our work is verifiable and open to our customers scrutiny, essential in building our customer confidence in our ability to provide a cost effective service protecting their personnel and property.

Our core operation with 95% is manned security services, site management forming the remaining 5% of the company turnover. The Company’s growth in security services has been 23% year on year, excepting 2008-09 when it was static due to the recession. However during this year the Company improved its position by increasing its profitability and efficiency. We confidently expect growth to bounce back this year and carry on into the next.


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